Early boss pulls, externals too hard to call, Turtle wins tanking award on his second day and more! 8/11H

Last night, Onineko triumphed in the face of self-imposed adversity as the guild rallied under the one person not actually in the guild to score it’s first ever win against the Coven of Shivarra! Whoop whoop!

After clearing to the demon maidens in just over two hours on our second week, despite Groffrey pulling half a dozen bosses early and nearly dying. We convinced Raid Leader Yog that no, we shouldn’t learn a new boss at 10:30pm on a Thursday night¬† and instead proceeded to make our first disappointing pulls of the evening, earning that <Onineko> badge we all wear with pride. All was not lost though, for out of the clutches of the 11:22pm probably-last-pull-of-the-evening attempt and sporting a Balance Druid that embarrasses every other player in our raid, we achieved the impossible – Kupp went an entire attempt without dying! For fear of being banned for exploitation, I have personally ticketed Blizzard to report this anomaly and hope that they can provide an immediate hotfix to this obscure bug.

-edit I’ve just received a response from Blizzard!

Straight from the horses mouth…

Disrespecting the Guild Leaders aside, I’d like to call out one person in particular for having a spectacular week, this person started playing his DK recently, he’s also volunteered to tank for the guild while the incumbent tanks are erratic with their personal lives or whatever, this person is also a kick-ass tank who’s done an excellent job tanking for the guild. If it’s not obvious, I’m talking about myself. Fuck you Turtle!

In other news, a quick public service announcement for all Onineko members. It seems that sexual harassment has been deemed “OK” as long as you’re just joking. See below for a detailed explanation:

So there you have it, fire away you basement dwelling hyper virgins!


– Roak