With terrible people comes terrible gameplay.

Its Japanese for something


It probably means Demon Cat. No-one knows, because no-one is Japanese.
Australian PvE guild filled mainly with adults.

We're recruiting!

Melee FOTM welcome, until they’re nerfed.

Big dick DPS

Proud Members of the Billion-High Club. 8:30pmish on Sundays AEDT

Edgy Content

Smash out all the heroic raids, leave guild to progress mythic, re-join because mythic guilds succ. 

"Sadly the game you were looking for did not arrive this expansion, all aspirations of a game now lie with Shadowlands"

News & Junk

Gluten intolerant boss kills and shit-posts

Onineko: Now with Masters Degree 7/10N 3/10H!

Hi Friends! When Boot n’ Bob (great band name by the way) first messaged me (in a Discord channel excluding Jen) to have “the talk” about playing a dps this tier and having the inferior Exploit tank in my place – I was understandably concerned. For you see, in 17 years of playing World of Warcraft, through leading guilds and raids of all different sizes – I have only ever played as Resto or Bear. My concerns were elevated only...

Babies, Floods and World War Three – The Sepulcher is Open! 6/10N

Wow! Hi Friends, it’s been *checks notes* six months since the last Roak Poast and my what strange times we live in. As the two year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic waits just around the corner, Onineko has been busy working away in the shadows creating the next generation of raiders to stand in floor candy and eat mechanics to the face. Yes that’s right, we have had not one, but by my count four new starters join the extended...

Onineko feat ‘Friends of Rip’ unseats Sylvannas and digs into Mythic! 10/10H 3/10M

Dear friends, under threat of virtual torches and pitchforks at my door if this Roak Poast doesn’t release. I have decided to dedicate some time under duress to document the heroic tales of Onineko in our campaign through the Sanctum of Domination. Previously expected to culminate at the end of Heroic Sylvannas, Onineko has had new life breathed into it in the form of dropping our most underperforming player – a restoration Shaman who nobody can quite remember the name...

A Wild Roak Poast Appears 10/10N 9/10H

Dearest friends, Thought it pains me to say, I have been derelict in my duties of writing nonsensical geek drivel on the internet to reflect our heroic deeds inside the World of Warcraft. In an attempt to make up for this slight, I have attempted to write this mega poast detailing the exploits of Onineko in our 9.1 Chains of Domination raiding campaign. Unfortunately the State of California sent the Roak Poast office a cease and desist letter over the...

Chains of Social Distancing – A Guide To Covid-Safe Raiding! 3/10H 9/10N

As a World of Warcraft player, it is already very likely that your poor hygiene, body odour and disfigured face, combined with any physical disabilities has caused you to lead a relatively isolated and friend-free life already.

Lust When The Balls Come! Onineko Cracks The Sanctum of Domination! 7/10N

It's been four months since our last Roak Poast and oh my goodness does it feel strange to be back here after so long! After making us wait while they re-released the 14 year old Burning Crusade Classic (now with extra payment gateways for easier microtransactions!), Blizzard have finally delivered on patch 9.1 including the new raid instance The Sanctum of Domination.

GUǏMĀO Learns Hokey Pokey – Eliminates Ravenous Gulper! 3/10M

Good Afternoon Guimao! Nine-fingers Roak here with the latest and greatest scoop on Guimao Progress! After blue balls’ing ourselves last week on a 6% wipe then failing to get enough attendance for a second go the following night. We returned to Castle Nathria’s mythic difficulty this week to achieve an underwhelming kill against Hungering Devourer on the second attempt (at least not nearly as exciting as a kill after the last attempt the previous week would have been). Guild Master,...

Ni Hao! Guǐmāo (formerly Onineko) Sells Out to China

Hello Friends (and Bootloops) and welcome to this special edition of the Roak Poast, in which we farewell a dear friend, cold-blooded terrorist and hummus thief. Turtle’s tenure as GM was short, but in the crucial opening months of Shadowlands, the changes he inacted on Onineko were nothing short of transformational. I didn’t raid much in BfA but it must have been shit house by comparison to the experience he forged this expansion. While Turtle has been the butt of...

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