With terrible people comes terrible gameplay.

Its Japanese for something


It probably means Demon Cat. No-one knows, because no-one is Japanese.
Australian PvE guild filled mainly with adults.

We're recruiting!

Oh fuck. We need some ranged DPS. Are you ranged DPS? Know any? Know where I can get some??

Medium dick DPS

Our passion and focus is ignoring mechanics whilst standing in fire. 8:30pm We/Th/Sun AEDT.

Edgy Content

Smash out all the heroic raids, leave guild to progress further, re-join next expansion!

We do things on Wednesday’s… mostly.

News & Junk

Gluten intolerant boss kills and shit-posts


thing. we did one. No, updating a website wasn’t it. oh hey, we’re recruiting. So if you like opening a desk drawer, dangling your dong (or clit – we’re equal opportunity failtards) in, then slamming the drawer repeatedly until you pass out – apply here.



Normal KJ Dead, Heroic Sufficiently wounded, Onineko screenshotting still sucks

Normal KJ Dead, Heroic Sufficiently wounded, Onineko screenshotting still sucks

Onineko cruised into week one of Tomb with a ravenous hunger not seen since the last time Blizzard made us wait months and months for new content…so Nighthold? The one before that? Doesn’t matter…the point is, in just one week, we’ve cleared approximately 72% of the content we will realistically be able to, setting the guild up for an extremely long period of farming Tomb over and over and over and you get the point. Still, and this is likely...

First night in Tomb (6/9, 2/9)

First night in Tomb (6/9, 2/9)

Server died at 10pm. Classic Blizzard. Got 6/9 through normal, then the server fucked out and we couldn’t continue. Popped into heroic and dropped the first 2. Have some shitty pictures. Goroth ded. Demonic inquisition ded.

Something something Roak is the best something something no Groff? 10/10H!

Something something Roak is the best something something no Groff? 10/10H!

ROAK POAST IS BACK! After suffering through the last two posts, the people of Onineko have spoken* and I have returned to dribble bits of my brain out onto the Internet for the joy of some and the chagrin of the rest. …but first a word from our sponsors! Do you own a Nintendo Switch? If yes then you are either me, Turtle or a filthy rotten liar. Get a Switch and buy Zelda, it’s like WoW if it were set...

Tichondrididn’t, Elistahped. 9/10H

On the back of reaping us some botanical gardens, our freshmeat (holy shit we got recruits, AND THEY ARE RANGED!?!?!) ventured further into Nighthold and poked some more bosses. Despite a rocky start on the “easy boss” AKA bridge boss – somehow we landed at Tich’s feet at like 9:30. Tich didn’t really last long, the dicks were huge and the dps was brought. huh. So that was a thing. Blowing lust on some trash before Elisande felt weird, but...

Sneaky Sunday Botanist Kills – 7/10H

Raiding is done for the week they said. Farmy times only they said. Nah fuck it. So after we smashed Normal Gul’dan’s face in to feed tier to no-one because blizzards dumb PL system doesn’t let tier tokens be traded, because of course it doesn’t. Someone suggested mid-ellisande that we do few Heroic Botanist pulls to round out the night. But we finished normal at 10:45 and breaks had to be had – so there was hesitation in peoples voices....

I beat jacktheblack in dps

Fkn suck it!

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