Join Us

Someone knew what it meant once; when they started the fucking thing 11 years ago on Blackrock. But as-is the revolving door of life’s commitments, that person is now probably dead.

Translation was lost. Meaning was reassigned. Server was changed and we’ve recruited over their corpses.

A side effect of not actively recruiting or giving a shit for 2 years has paid off well.
A subscription attrition and desperate gasp for more life.

We’re looking for:

  • People that want to do heroic level raiding; not mythic. We don’t do mythic anymore. It kills people.
  • Someone that can jump right into heroic raids (880+ ilvl)
  • Someone that isn’t socially inept.
  • Food blogs.


  • Looking for a guild.
  • So lonely.
  • In possession of a microphone.
  • A filthy casual.
  • Not getting the love and attention you deserve.
  • A proud young dps who don’t need no trinket.

We’ve all come from miscellaneous parts of wow, some mythic raiders/some from the gutter. Collectively we’ve decided “fuck it, lets just do heroics”. If thats your thing, lets touch things.

Onineko is ideal for working professionals, unemployed manlettes and people with kids. We’re probably going to piss you off if you have aspirations of being the best good.

Applicants should have a limited to good sense of humour and ability shrug shit off. Jerks get shunned.
We also have several female members and make an effort for it to be a sexy/safe place for everyone to enjoy.

We’re always actively looking for slaves like-minded players that know their class well or are willing to learn and develop their skills with the guild.

Players looking for a fun guild gurgling with pretty cool lads are more than welcome to apply. Casual non-raiding spots are always available.