Chains of Social Distancing – A Guide To Covid-Safe Raiding! 3/10H 9/10N

As a World of Warcraft player, it is already very likely that your poor hygiene, body odour and disfigured face, combined with any physical disabilities has caused you to lead a relatively isolated and friend-free life already.

Lust When The Balls Come! Onineko Cracks The Sanctum of Domination! 7/10N

It's been four months since our last Roak Poast and oh my goodness does it feel strange to be back here after so long! After making us wait while they re-released the 14 year old Burning Crusade Classic (now with extra payment gateways for easier microtransactions!), Blizzard have finally delivered on patch 9.1 including the new raid instance The Sanctum of Domination.