With terrible people comes terrible gameplay.

Its Japanese for something


It probably means Demon Cat. No-one knows, because no-one is Japanese.
Australian PvE guild filled mainly with adults.

We're recruiting!

Oh fuck. We need some ranged DPS. Are you ranged DPS? Know any? Know where I can get some??

Medium dick DPS

Our passion and focus is ignoring mechanics whilst standing in fire. 8:30pm We/Th/Sun AEDT.

Edgy Content

Smash out all the heroic raids, leave guild to progress further, re-join next expansion!

q: what raiding we doing this week yog? a: yes

News & Junk

Gluten intolerant boss kills and shit-posts

Out with the old, in with the new: Your new officer team!

With mythic starting next week and Onineko probably going to fail killing any new bosses for a while, I decided to stretch my creative mind and publicly roast Onineko’s new (and old!) officer team to amp everyone up for the upcoming constant and repeated wipes yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! First up, the dudebros that got the guild this far, you’ve probably never seen them do anything because lets face it, they never did, starting in chronological order of when they became an officer...

Guild clears heroic, PUBG 1.0 releases the next day. Coincidence? Merry Xmas Onineko!

Good Afternoon Guildies and Guildettes and welcome to what may or may not be the last post of Antorus progression by yours truly, the god of healing, Roaktahl! To business first, and while we’re still not sure if you should start moving when he first casts cone of shame or when he’s finished or if you should just start moving halfway through and fuck everybody else (this is what I was doing fyi), Argus the Unmaker has been defeated in...

The GM is dead, long live the GM!

I thought this deserved it’s own post as hey, how often do we have a new Guild Master in the house? As the guy who made the awful awful mistake of promoting Ctwin to GM in the first place, and as a guy who (excluding all the people who’ve known him longer) has known Yog the longest (we in fact met in Azeroth some 12 years ago) AND as a former Onineko GM myself, I’ve declared myself the only man...

Shattered Illusions and Broken Dreams 10/11H – BROUGHT TO YOU BY FACEMASHER FLASKS!

Shattered Illusions and Broken Dreams 10/11H – BROUGHT TO YOU BY FACEMASHER FLASKS!

I’m a pretty big Warcraft fan. Not just World of Warcraft mind you, Warcraft from all the way back to the RTS games. My favourite, WCIII and its expansion The Frozen Throne, are way up there in my nostalgic childhood video game memories. Varimathras the Dreadlord…well he was a bit of a cunt, but being a Dreadlord and a Demon and all that, it’s probably not all that surprising. So when Sylvannas manipulated Varimathras into serving the Forsaken in TFT...

Early boss pulls, externals too hard to call, Turtle wins tanking award on his second day and more! 8/11H

Last night, Onineko triumphed in the face of self-imposed adversity as the guild rallied under the one person not actually in the guild to score it’s first ever win against the Coven of Shivarra! Whoop whoop! After clearing to the demon maidens in just over two hours on our second week, despite Groffrey pulling half a dozen bosses early and nearly dying. We convinced Raid Leader Yog that no, we shouldn’t learn a new boss at 10:30pm on a Thursday...

Progression and how not having Groff makes it happen – A Study by Roaktahl (7/11H)

Progression and how not having Groff makes it happen – A Study by Roaktahl (7/11H)

I’m back by popular demand (Yog asked me really nicely) with a rare website update for the good people of Onineko. I’ll start by first admitting it brings me absolutely no pleasure to point out the glaringly obvious omission in tonight’s raid, the boss, the kingpin, the guy that apparently causes all the wipes, I know him as Ctwin, but you might also know him from other characters such as Arduous, Primalous, Zealous, Tortious, Felpacket, Charlietango, Feintnow, Terrorous, Valorous, Derpcircle...


thing. we did one. No, updating a website wasn’t it. oh hey, we’re recruiting. So if you like opening a desk drawer, dangling your dong (or clit – we’re equal opportunity failtards) in, then slamming the drawer repeatedly until you pass out – apply here.



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