Shattered Illusions and Broken Dreams 10/11H – BROUGHT TO YOU BY FACEMASHER FLASKS!

I’m a pretty big Warcraft fan. Not just World of Warcraft mind you, Warcraft from all the way back to the RTS games. My favourite, WCIII and its expansion The Frozen Throne, are way up there in my nostalgic childhood video game memories. Varimathras the Dreadlord…well he was a bit of a cunt, but being a Dreadlord and a Demon and all that, it’s probably not all that surprising. So when Sylvannas manipulated Varimathras into serving the Forsaken in TFT and when I, a young Tauren Druid first walked into Sylvannas’ throne room and saw the imposing demon chilling out behind her, well that was impressive.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, one of them was playing Alliance during the events of Wrath of the Lich King and while the Horde had the pleasure of kicking Varimathras’ ass out of the Undercity during the Battle for Undercity event, I followed Varian and we killed some other bloke that nobody really remembers.

So when I saw Varimathras as a boss in Antorus, well I was looking forward to a challenging fight. I never got it. 1/7 Roaks

Then comes Aggramar, the bloke that was supposed to have taken over from Sargeras, the guy who wields the shattered pieces of Sargeras’ own sword Taeshalach. I’ll be honest with you Onineko, a friend of mine bakes exceptionally good hash brownies and the one I popped just before raid kicked in at about the time we started fighting this boss. I’m not sure what I was supposed to do, why Lic wanted me to hang out on one side of the room then inexplicably to the other move for no apparent reason, I’m even sure he had a good reason (actually I’m not sure about that last point). In any case, he died in a couple of hours and for the penultimate boss of a heroic instance, I expected better unless of course, and this is the funniest thing I’ve ever written in my time here at Onineko, maybe we’re not quite as shit as we used to be…?

The fight was pretty intense and I guess kind of epic, so I’m giving it a score of 5/7 Roaks

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– Roak