Tichondrididn’t, Elistahped. 9/10H

On the back of reaping us some botanical gardens, our freshmeat (holy shit we got recruits, AND THEY ARE RANGED!?!?!) ventured further into Nighthold and poked some more bosses.

Despite a rocky start on the “easy boss” AKA bridge boss – somehow we landed at Tich’s feet at like 9:30.

Tich didn’t really last long, the dicks were huge and the dps was brought.

huh. So that was a thing.

Blowing lust on some trash before Elisande felt weird, but whatever. A few pulls in and somehow we did some 30m P3 wipe. Then we spent about 9 wipes in P1 dicking around, true to Onineko form.

JD popped up out of the blue, got her Hall Monitor pass and so we killed it and she got a trinket.

Video will come shortly…

Gul’didnt awaits. We shall probably almost kill the guild progressing on that, so lets roll.