Sneaky Sunday Botanist Kills – 7/10H

Raiding is done for the week they said. Farmy times only they said. Nah fuck it.

So after we smashed Normal Gul’dan’s face in to feed tier to no-one because blizzards dumb PL system doesn’t let tier tokens be traded, because of course it doesn’t. Someone suggested mid-ellisande that we do few Heroic Botanist pulls to round out the night. But we finished normal at 10:45 and breaks had to be had – so there was hesitation in peoples voices. Till the venerable YogDog stepped up…

So uhhh… we did.

And it dieded.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot, Sonuku did the worlds best pull timer, kicked a marmot or some shit on 9 and pulled the boss. Dun worry about it.

Fuck. Maybe progress can happen on a Sunday.