Whose Taunt Is It Anyway?

Hello and welcome to who’s taunt is it anyway, where the strats put you to sleep and the loot doesn’t matter. That’s right just like Shadowsoon’s DPS; it just doesn’t matter. In this instalment, we talk about what it means to wipe on moderately challenging bosses and how to save a depressing raid by clutch killing an easy boss right before the end of the night on Sunday.

But first, a quick shout out to myself for achieving the Keystone Master achievement (complete a +15 in time). I’ve managed to secure a bit of time with me to record an interview, here’s a brief snippet:

Me: So, how does it feel to be the best and achieve this challenging achievement?

Also Me: It feels great.

You can catch the rest of this interview in my newly published book: Why it’s so great to be Roak. Get a copy now by visiting my garage.

Self aggrandising aside, we did in fact make some progress this week! Yay~~

First on the chopping block was Trillax, it turns out the fight is really easy if you just have a couple more fat cunts to eat cake… That’s literally it, we walked in and gave it a go to “remember mechanics” and it just died. Very disappointing.

5/7 Roaks.

I can’t remember if I took a screenshot of this fight, but here’s a picture of a duck.

After that, we wiped on Spellblade Aluriel for… a while. Somewhere between tanks getting fucked on, healers constantly getting mark of frost (goddamned lack of ranged) and just general Onineko-fuckery… We just couldn’t do it. So like the determined hardcore raiders that we all like to pretend to be: We avoided her and went to an easy(-er) boss.

Enter Krosus, the bridge bro.
If you don’t know the mechanics, don’t feel bad, neither do I. Something about DBZ laser beams and Peggy getting fucked on (or was that… every boss?). Anyway, the gear check is tight and apparently we passed, mostly without our illustrious raid leaders help cause he died early. Also, for the sake of immortalising the expression famous last words… please watch the below video (pay attention at 1:24) and Lic’s atrocious fucking fail. The boss was unexciting but getting to call Lic “fucking terrible” made this fight fun.

7/7 Roaks.

I do have a screenshot of the kill but it’s at home, in the meantime please enjoy this MS Paint picture of Roaktahl.