Yawwwwwn… Legion is almost upon us

So Legion is here or almost here. Actually all that happened was


Onineko has stirred, and people are logging in – even on a Friday during school time


Not to mention this fancy new site courtesy of that super Web P1mp Sonuku (our last web guy is off potatoing or being a potato or deep frying a hat or something). I can’t stress this enough though – we’ve largely congregated on our fancy Voice chat Discord. You really should be there.

There is discussions about Raiding for Legion happening on the Faceys and the Forums – but it can be summarised so succinctly by Grand Master Wordsmith Yog.

Raiding: Sure, it’s on.
Loot: Raid Leader will make final call, but Personal Loot looks to be the in thing.
Kupp: Around.
Nights: Probably! Fuck days.
Dicks: stop it fukken.
On? It’s on.

There is also a handy poll to the side that people should fill out. Might help with the Raiding thing.