The LEGION is almost upon us – get learn-ed.

So Legion is almost here – and between people having cold feet about commiting to a class and/or spec, there is a lot of concern about what you could/should be doing when it drops with respect to maximising character power.

So here’s a nice round up of info for you – note their is definitely minor spoilers at the very least, if not some fairly significant ones; don’t say you weren’t warned.

First up is Medivh’s 7.0 Legion Raiders Lexicon

Inside contains tons of information – including;

  • Mythic+ Dungeons explained – including what ilvl loot you will get (both at the end, and from the chests) based on the keystone level.
  • Rough pre-Emerald Nightmare Gear sources and a general overview of whats changed regarding gear stat allocation
  • A Handy to-do list of things per day and per week
  • A brief intro into what has changed for professions, including Obliterum
  • A suggestion for “optimal” leveling
  • An Introduction to Surumar, how to quickly get Ancient Mana and rep-break points (including Court of Stars and The Arcway access)
  • What you need to be doing to farm legendaries – and where they can drop.
  • Artifact table in terms of points per trait, knowledge multipliers and where you can get AP from.

Next up is an Artifact Power Breakdown Sheet

This pretty much just breaks down almost everything you’d want to know about Artifact Power, the rate at which it can be obtained (in terms of minimum amounts assuming maximum effort). It goes hand in hand with this handy picture

Which outlines the fundamental difference between leveling *only* your primary artifact – or leveling your Primary and an Alternate.

Another guide here in Google Doc format called – Legion Quick Start Guide – which briefly touches on all the points you could want to know about in Legion.

Finally is a bunch of Mods which i think are pretty handy for Legion specifically;

  • GottaGoFast – This is a reskinned timer for dungeons. Originally developed for CM’s in WoD, this has been modified to track your time through Mythic+ and give you an idea of how on track you are for bonus chests for early completion (be it +1/+2/+3)
  • DejaCharacterStats – This mod fixes the bullshit that is the 7.0+ default Character Sheet.
  • WorldQuestTracker – This mod gives a better interface for chasing down all the current World Quests (once you’ve hit 110 and performed the rep requirements).
  • WorldQuestsLists – An alternate World Quest assistant