Legion cometh. Wake me up in July.

So Legion launch date just got announced. August 30th if you by some measure of craziness you get your WoW news from this site.
Legion bitches.
Which probably means that the Demon cat will stir around June/July if every other expansion end that wasn’t MoP is to go by. Remember to sort your bags and literally delete everything before you hit the new xpac, its all going to be replaced by max-level dungeon blues!

In the meantime you should come hang out with us on discord – we talk shit, bitch about work and stupid crap on the internet. Oh and how Blizzard thinks a weekend is like 30 hours or some shit (sigh onlywatch…).

If somehow you’re still chomping at the bit to play WoW – remember, its 434 days of Tanaan Jungle – the Frostwolves are still doing Heroic/Normal alt-runs, and the dedicated cheevo junkie Peggysui is your conduit to such things.