Trash Before Za’Qul Down! 6/8H

Greetings to all the little Roaks and Roakettes out there and welcome to the Roak Poast.

Welcoming back incumbent asshole Shacarius, we ventured back into Azshara’s Eternal Palace. With only a handful of bosses left, we were confident we could wrap up another boss or two and add to the growing trophy case of boss heads that I assume Yog keeps in his house next to a photo of Roak with the inscription “Best Onineko GM Ever!”

Back to Azshara, somewhere between Orgozoa and Za’Qul, there may or may not be a boss called The Queen’s Court, but you’d be hard pressed to find out which generic Naga model is trash and which generic Naga model is a boss, cause this fight was boring as shit and try as I might, there’s not one amusing or even remotely entertaining aspect of this fight that I can come up with. That’s right, not even pointing out the fact that Sandy died and he probably deserved it could save this boss fight.

0/7 Roaks

Moving on to the main event of the evening, Za’Qul’s trash. Most of us by now have probably experienced this epic boss fight in either normal or heroic. Untagged as a boss by those cheeky fellows at Blizzard, The Za’Qul trash doesn’t reset lust when you wipe (and trust me, you will wipe.) meaning a painful ten minute period of severe thumb-up-ass syndrome as we wait to be able to press lust again.

This week however, Onineko was prepared. Prepared to try and cheese the trash out and instead spend what can only be equated to “too long” attempting to despawn the trash, failing to do so, but inadvertently resetting the wipe respawn point to literally in front of the trash, resulting in anyone foolish enough to release spirit, ending their life in the most brutal way possible. This of course happening some attempts after Shacarius (incumbent asshole if you missed it earlier) decided to troll the entire raid with tremor totem, a spell with a checkered past of usefulness, causing instant wipe and bringing Shacarius to literal tears of joy.

Onineko however, has been battle hardened from years of fuckwits doing dumb shit and is not one to give up on the arguably toughest fight in Heroic so far. Following an unrecoverable wipe on Za’Qul and under the guidance of Facey’s majestic voice. We simultaneously pressed the release button and hammered infinite respawning Oninekians into these bastard Cthululululu fuckers until they were dead in the ground and I’m fairly sure even walked away with a BOE, pretty sweet stuff.

Finally, we were free to wipe the remainder of the night on Za’Qul and NOT be molested by trash after respawn, but one final question still remains… who’s prepared to fight the same trash again with Shacarius in the raid…?

6/7 Roaks