It’s ok to give people AIDS – Vectis and Zek’voz Down 5/8H

I thought I’d take a break from slagging Group2 today as their progress (or lack of it) says more than any mean words I can think up could possibly do. Instead, I want to go back to some classic Roak posting. The kind of self-gratifying nonsensical spew that makes me feel good about myself when I write it… You know, the important things.

Our story begins Thursday night. We had a tenuous lead over G2 after they defeated G’huun, knowing full well that Fetid devourer would be an easy win for them come next raid, we had to step up and maintain our two boss advantage. Vectis was the assignment, the blood goop boss where everything in the room will kill you if you touch it, the perfect Onineko boss. Our attempts were…less than inspiring with the majority of wipes above the 50% mark and seemingly no way through the enormous amount of damage happening throughout the entire fight. With the clock winding down to 11pm, we realised something…

“Hey, are there any healers near the front of the boss?”

An attempt later, on the final shot for the night. We killed it.

Vectis was arguably the toughest healing fight I’ve experienced in quite a while. The healing numbers on our kill showed all four of us at 18k, we were separated by only a few hundred heals per second. All in all it was an amazing effort by everyone, especially to come from ~60% wipes down to dead in a single go.

7/7 Roaks

Then Sunday arrived. As expected, G2 quickly caught up on Fetid and in a bold move, went straight to Zek’voz in some misguided attempt to beat G1 to the punch (at least in my head canon that’s what happened). Not one to get caught up in racing madness, Turtle calmly explained the fight “Now if you get the eye beam marker, you need to leave the group immediately or kill everyone.” There was probably more to his explanation but for the purposes of this upcoming joke, that’s all that matters as first attempt in, Seetee got eyebeams and proceeded to wipe the entire raid to the amusement of everybody else.

For the next hour or so we wiped our way through learning the fight, picking up handy tips (you can CC adds!), until circa 10:40pm when Angry dc’d, taking out the highest HPS team member in G1, but we were mid-attempt and fuck wiping for no reason, so we continued…and wiped at 6%. Suddenly, victory was in reach, we just needed someone to step up and carry our shitty Resto Shaman! That someone was me folks, and while the fight was far from the cleanest I’ve ever participated in, and while rankings on this fight were pretty abysmal across the board dps to healing. We won. We kept our two boss lead and we showed the guild that Roak is better than both Licarius and Nikui, but mostly Licarius. Fuck that guy.


– Roak