Know Your Raid Leaders: Turtle and Deages

The Battle for Azeroth is heating up as Onineko’s two raid teams: A Turtle made it to the water and Alliance fagboiz 696969 prepare to take the stage in the first raid tier of BfA. Which team will come out on top? To gain greater insight into the machinations of our two raid leaders, I spoke with both this morning in an exclusive interview.

Roak: Good morning, gentlemen, thank you for making time to speak with me this morning.
Turtle: Allah ackbar jihad jihad Abdul.
Deages: Lol herpderp I just want to say one thing, and that is Star Wars episode 1 was the best movie in the franchise.

R: Right…well let’s get started with something simple, can you each summarise your approach to raiding this tier and how it’ll impact your teams?
T: Well, first we will expel all the infidels from the raid and hoard all the oil for ourselves, from there we will spit on American pig and burn flag while dancing around it! Victory will be achieved shortly after.
D: Pfft, of course you’d say that, clearly the way to achieve victory is by putting all our faith in Anduin and the Alliance, did you even see how cool Jaina was on that flying ship? I was so excited I wet myself thirteen times!

R: Interesting, obviously you both have very unique ideas on how to run a raiding team. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to take up the mantle of leadership? Maybe we’ll have Deages answer first.
D: Well I first fell in love with Anduin when he was a boring npc in vanilla, the limited interactions you could have with him is what really motivated me to put my name out there and gain power while doing very little to earn it. I guess it’s just a rush of adrenalin when an important decision needs to be made and I just sit there and pretend it’s not happening.
T: When I was 5 year old, American bomb killed my whole family, only me and dog survived, then I ate dog. I was promoted to General next day.

R: Great… Moving on, some of our members would like to know, what makes you tick? Turtle?
T: Bomb, bomb make tick. Then death comes to the infidels!
D: I love a good Alliance talk session, like, let’s get all our leaders into a room and just like…you know, like hug it out and stuff? I think the best way to achieve peace is for everyone to express their emotions and feel the vibe of the room, like y’know what I mean?

R: Ok then, final question, if you could pick out just one player to be in your raid team, who would it be?
D: Roak
T: Roak

R: Thank you for your time gentlemen, may the best raid team win!