Quitting: What does it actually mean? – A Study by Roaktahl 3/11M

Google (cause I don’t have an Oxford Dictionary handy) defines “Quit” as:

  1. leave (a place), usually permanently.
    “hippies finally quit two sites in Hampshire last night”

But I’d like to propose a new definition.

  1. leave (a place), usually temporarily but only after stressing how super permanent it’s gonna be this time.
    “Lic said he’s quitting again, I wonder how long until he’s back?”

So Lic came back this week after having quit about a week ago or something (who cares really?) and coincidentally we knocked over a new boss, also by pure happenstance (or more likely by design) Groff was missing from the raid –  are these two events related? Just one of them? The one where Groff was missing? Yes, yes the only thing that mattered was that Groff wasn’t around, Lic was entirely irrelevant.

So after having downed the Antoran High Command, Onineko stands at 3/11M which if memory serves, places us at 55th on the server which is pretty shit but whatever.

Onto the fight! Damn. This encounter is a clusterfuck in heroic let alone mythic and it became real obvious real quick that the fight required a damn near flawless performance (gonna be super fun to replicate it next week) but I firmly believe the best way to have a strong attempt is to start strong – and we did just that by sending yours truly, The Great, Powerful and Wise Roaktahl (patent pending) into the first pod, where I dominated the dps for the first ~30 second period and really set the kill up (actually I did this every attempt but you losers kept fucking it up). An unfortunate side effect of my selfless dedication to the success of the raid team, was my healing numbers weren’t as good as they could have been, alas, a necessary sacrifice for the good of the team.

Given the challenge of the fight, the slow steady (and enjoyable!) level of progression, and the fact we killed yet ANOTHER boss without our faithful (former) leader, this boss scores a whopping 8/7 Roaks making it the all time highest scoring boss fight ever!

Well done everyone, I look forward to smashing Portal Keeper without Groff.


p.s. Lic said he’s quitting again, I wonder how long until he’s back?