Onineko Enters Mythic – Succeeds despite Ctwin handicap! 1/11M

(Yeah he can kick me from discord… but I’ll be back.)

Before we get into today’s article…


  1. a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged. "a stack of boxes"
  2. a chimney, especially one on a factory, or a vertical exhaust pipe on a vehicle. "the main stack belches out clouds of black smoke"
  3. a basic World of Warcraft raiding strategy where player characters stand on top of one another to mitigate mechanics. "Elesoon, Felpacket, stack up you stupid fucking cunts!"

(I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty to emphasise the definition most relevant to this post.)

Now that we’re all warmed up, Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker – a relatively straight forward boss made all the more complicated by the addition of extraneous markers that serve no purpose save to remind us all that we celebrate Red’s freedom of choice to marry a bridge – was taken down by the guild this week in spectacular fashion in our first night of Antorus Mythic progression, something worth jerking each other’s dick off if I may say so myself. While this is almost certainly the simplest boss in the instance, the gradual increase in difficulty of this fight through each of the phases showed that we actually can learn things and adapt our movements to successfully navigate the boss mechanics (not including certain players’ inability to stack).

Easy as it was, the kill puts us on the Mythic scoreboard, officially welcoming us to the big leagues of Antorus. How far we’ll get, well that’s anybody’s guess at this stage.

All in all, an entertaining fight, a satisfying victory and Roak #1 on the healing meters. What more could we ask from an encounter?

7/7 Roaks

– Roak