Guild clears heroic, PUBG 1.0 releases the next day. Coincidence? Merry Xmas Onineko!

Good Afternoon Guildies and Guildettes and welcome to what may or may not be the last post of Antorus progression by yours truly, the god of healing, Roaktahl!

To business first, and while we’re still not sure if you should start moving when he first casts cone of shame or when he’s finished or if you should just start moving halfway through and fuck everybody else (this is what I was doing fyi), Argus the Unmaker has been defeated in heroic mode yay~~~!!!

Cone of shame fails aside…nah fuck that let’s name and shame cunts, that’s way more fun. Here’s the stats across all wipes/kill for last Thursday.

In first place, breaking the half century for most ticks of cone of shame damage (death fog in logs), you might know him as Shitlord, but he more often goes by his full name…Rushitlordington the Fourth! Congratulations on this amazing achievement, without a conscious effort to fuck up damn near every time, you couldn’t possibly have achieved this score. Well done!

In second place, you might remember him from that one time he made a joke about Roak not having a flask, Rhev with 44 ticks of damage!

Aaaaaaaaaaand let’s stop before we talk too much about third place…

All in all, this fight was pretty cool but loses a point cause nobody knows wtf Argus the Unmaker actually is – 6/7 Roaks

I’m not official enough to know wtf the guild is gonna do next, but I assume Mythic will be on the cards in the coming months and even if the world will be a little sadder without Roak to poke fun at the guild leadership, I hope you will all remember how terrible Yog’s dps is, how awful Saj’s face is, how shitty Kupp is at tanking and how garbage Groff is at showing up.