Time is a flat circle

Time is a flat circle.
Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.

Jumped into ToV on a skeleton crew comprised mostly of melee, and managed to get Santa & Tentacle Dog down, so things are back where we left-off at the end of November.

This coming Wednesday is patch 7.1.5, and a week after that is the new raid content! So get fucking excited chumps, because we’re walking into Nighthold as soon as its available. January 17, 2017 is the estimated date.

If you’re keen to jump in and have a few stabs at Easy Nightmare or Heroic HodorRunning Rainbow Borks before the next tier, this is probably your last week. It’s all nerfed up the shithouse anyway.

We’re still bad at mechanics. And proud.
So smoke a bowl/drink a 6 pack, and come help pad heal rankings.

Also Roak got like, a 5th legendary. Fuck that guy.

Raids will be server time, Wed/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm til 11/11:30pm.