Onineko Heroic Surge 6/13H

Our Typical Newsposter has decided to go on strike – so today we have Guest Wordsmith Sir Pembleton Yogoth Esquire of the House Onineko.

This week has seen Onineko rally and surge into a heroic campaign against the Fel Orcs of Hellfire Citadel. The denizens of the citadel rushed out to meet Onineko in full force, but like a towering pillar of Rock in the surf we stood resolute in the teeth of the oncoming storm.
Battered, the leader of the ground troops mounted her Felpowered war machine and stomped out to meet Onineko, only to be bought crashing to the ground in a heap of splurting oil and fel corruption.

The ancient, palindromic beast Kormrok was put down after succumbing to Felblights influence. One valourous member of the raid threw themselves onto an exploding trap laid by Kormrok, ensuring the rest of the raiding party could bring the monster down. What a hero.

The Hellfire Council next felt Onineko’s wrath after abusing the corruption of Felblight for sheer power. Personal power grabs cannot stand in the way of a unified and cohesive team, boned in fire and tempered in battle. The council fell rapidly, still clutching their trinkets close to their chests.
Kilrogg Deadeye attempted to break Ariok, but was undone by Onineko. Turning his own prescience against him, Onineko tore out his dreams of a glorious death, instead leaving him to bleed out, alone and broken in the depths of the Hellfire Citadel.

Until the seventh day Onineko rested, and upon taking back up arms, took on the broken and abominable Gorefiend, and stopped his feasting on the souls of Draenor, opening the top of the Hellfire Citadel to us.

The riches and plunder of the Upper Citadel await.
Normally we would have images to accompany this – however not today, as the person taking the images is, as mentioned, on strike. Instead, here is a puppy.