Archimonde Down! 13/13N, 7/13H

Watch the following video; it shows the talented Onineko guys n gals defeat the vanguard of the Burning Legion.

I like to call it Peggy Dies In The End because he keeps dying on the final push of a boss. Like some sort of fucked up anti-phoenix, him biting the dust give us all the inner strength and clarity needed to come together and down a boss for the first time.

No really, sit back, pour a glass of your favourite whatever, and enjoy. We’ll wait.

The official photographer was off getting shitfaced, so no pictures, but noted Impressionist Malky came through with the goods. It contains all the important parts: a dead boss, a dead tank and a missing bear, off not inviting the rest out with him somewhere.

Onineko: Downing bosses. We desecrated the Defiler and laid waste to Hellfire Citadel.  Also on the chopping block since last update was Mannoroth (obvs) and heroic Shadow Lord Iskar. Here are some pictures of our exploits.

Oh look, found a photo! Look at us, milling around like the smoothly oiled death machine we are.

Onineko: being really busy recently. Some of us progressing in raids. Some of us off achieving big milestones. Others about to. But what’s next for our band of plucky adventurers? Further glory up the Hellfire Citadel of course!

Group Configuration


  • Peggysui
  • Kupp


  • Mxrecord
  • Nikui
  • Shacarius


  • Angryperson
  • Ctwin
  • Malkwyn
  • Metamoophose
  • Peeves
  • Shadowheart
  • Sonuku
  • Yogoth
  • Sleepypanda
  • Kraeon
  • Manataan

Off Getting Drunk

  • Roaktahl

Off Getting Hitched

  • Ruki

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