Hellfire Assault Assaulted! 1/13H

Cheesey cliche titles aside. Onineko in our gracious glory struck the first blow to Gul’dan and the burning legion in heroic difficulty as we made the first notch in our proverbial belt in Heroic Hellfire Citadel this past Sunday!

The best part? Kupp wasn’t there!

In what turned out to actually be a piece of piss (hell, it’s the first boss right?) We knocked it over first attempt (the previous week in which I wasn’t there totally doesn’t count) and much celebration happened. This was off the back of a pretty phenomenal week where Tyrant Velhari and Mannoroth both fell to the ground as we gorged on the sweet sweet epics taken from their broken and bloodied bodies (much rape and pillage happened – Mannoroths anus will never quite be the same).

The best part? Kupp wasn’t there!

So what’s next for the noble boys and girls of Onineko? If the handful of promising attempts on Iron Reaver (again, without Kupp) were anything to judge on, we’ll knock that over without too much grief and move deeper into the Citadel. It’s been a tough couple of weeks as we’ve got our shit together with a mostly new crew, so I’m super stoked to be kicking it back in heroic again and I look forward to blowing more smoke up my ass when we kill even more shit (with or without Kupp) in the future.

Good work everyone! (except Kupp – you suck) on a kickass week and let’s back it up with an even better one!

– Roak

Hellfire Assault

Group Configuration


  • Kanadei
  • Roaktahl


  • Mxrecord
  • Nikui
  • Shacarius


  • Angryperson
  • Aurelianus
  • Boyatana
  • Ctwin
  • Kilundra
  • Licka
  • Maeling
  • Malkari
  • Metamoophose
  • Peeves
  • Sonuku
  • Vindicator
  • Yogoth