Sneaky Sunday Sessions: Hungering Destroyer down! 3/10H

Of Castle Nathria’s ten bosses, Hungering Destroyer (HD) is arguably the most forgettable (at least in normal), with mediocre tank mechanics and otherwise ignorable other mechanics, I’ve found it hard to get excited about this boss. Heroic mode does improve the experience, adding in a new mechanic and doubling the total fight length.

Not unlike most of the virgin nerd lords in Onineko, HD suffers from a serious case of blue balls, an ailment he can only rid himself of, by impregnating raiders with a baby ball that they will summarily poop out a few seconds later, and thus, the circle of monstrosity life continues as the cycle of impregnation and pooping continues throughout most of the night.

Several wipes in, the Council of Druids was summoned to weigh in on the most appropriate cause of action to take.

The Council convenes while Cat Man watches on.

After a week of feeling a little insecure about my class choices this expansion, last night reaffirmed I had made the right decision as I repeatedly watched Bob get splatted into the ground, wipe after wipe. The crushing feeling of defeat at the wipe, lessened by the schadenfreude of my co-tank’s withering corpse. Not so holy art thou now? Are you Bob? Are you?!

6/7 Roaks

Fail of the Fight: Bob. If you stopped dying about four wipes earlier we’d have killed it…about four wipes earlier!

This one turned out alright actually!

– Roak

-PS: Sandy asked me to point out that because Neuro wasn’t in the raid, he was top dps.