It’s Time.

No, not for Marriage equality – its time to raid again.

Neckbeards should be fully in place and sweat should have just started to sheen. Emerald Nightmare is first up on the agenda – FatbossTV has a playlist up here, Kupp digested it the way he knows how here. Me? I’m going to pull it and work it out the way i always did.

Pots and Flasks are crazy balls expensive right now because there is a worldwide shortage of starlight rose – so if you’re not kitted with the latest and greatest in flasks you will possibly have some reprieve from being called a filthy casualcheap skate.

Food on the other hand is more than reasonable to obtain – even if Nomi is basically a fire mage when it comes to cooking.

Image result for nomi burnt food

We do expect people to have food for boss pulls.

Given that its entirely likely that Monks, Demon Hunters, Fire Mages and Elemental Shamans are going to get nerfed TO THE GROUND next week I hope you have an alt to play.

The raid is going to be flexible – which is code for as healers don’t show up, we’re dropping melee till the raid balances – as such, so long as you are moderately competent at your spec, pass the fire test, pass the tank/healer fault test and know where Emerald Nightmare is (or can click “I accept” to a summons) – you should be fine to raid.

When is all this delightful fun taking place? 8:30pm AEST Wednesday.