Soulbound Construct and Tyrant Velhari down! 11/13H

It’s been an epic week in Oninekoland.

We’d be rampaging through the Hellfire Citadel, taking heads and knocking down bosses when our resident Californian woke up and smashed down a coffee to get involved. He did bring the Old Days with that coffee, bringing back the american pings of yesteryear. But we’d never ever leave a man behind, so we got to re-clear all the trash thanks to Blizzards server going belly up on us.

But it was all worth it – The Soulbound Construct was deconstructed and its the soul attempting inhabit it. We had Kupp in the drivers seat, turning the device against its ephemeral master.  He worked that device and smashed it out for us. Shout-outs to Anghelz and Nova for bringing the noise and for Pokkiis first night and first kill with us.

Real life took Kupp away from us on farm night, leaving us all sad and more importantly: down a good tank. But we carried on under the calm, smooth hands of Peggysui and Mostly Not Awake of Tortious through the easy days, but blew through it fast enough for us to have a crack at Tyrant Velhari. Three attempts later she was laying dead, her reign bought to an inglorious end as we tore through her confidants and bodyguards. Some would say it would be the glorious Mage (I heard they don’t exist!) Azidan who joined us, that secured the kill. I’d like to think it’s our gumption and stubborness that did it instead. Also no Kupp.

Next up: the returned Mannoroth.

Group Configuration


  • Peggysui
  • Kupp
  • Tortious


  • Nikui
  • Shacarius
  • Pharo
  • Mxrecord


  • Angryperson
  • Stðrmshðt
  • Malkwyn
  • Metamoophose
  • Peeves
  • Sleepypanda
  • Sonuku
  • Yogoth
  • Pokkii
  • Anghelz
  • Shadõwheart
  • Kraeon

Special Guests!

  • Azidan