Xhul’horac: Shadowfelled.

A twisted being of Fel and Void was trying to rip the fragile dimension of Dreanor apart. Thankfully, Onineko was stomping through the place, busily taking scalps, names and trinkets of victory.

Through felfire and inappropriate void touches, we stopped Xhul in his tracks, ensuring the stability of Dranor, forever! Or at least until the next xpac lands.

We were a tight team, but focused and angry, like a laser. A laser that punched a hole straight through Xhul’horac. We were so on form that I don’t even think Peggy died. How awesome’s that.

Special thanks to Stars and Abidah for coming along and filling the raid out a bit. We miss Stars. You can see them in the back, being so cool as to not crowd out our glorious killshot.

Next on the chopping block? Socrethar!

Group Configuration


  • Peggysui
  • Kupp


  • Nikui
  • Shacarius


  • Angryperson
  • Ctwin
  • Malkwyn
  • Metamoophose
  • Peeves
  • Sonuku
  • Yogoth

Special Guests!

  • Abidah
  • Starspriest