Ursoc, Renfaire: Dead. Cenarius: Broken. 6/7H


Having kicked that scrub poster to posting curb, Onineko has surged to 6 out 7 heroic kills in the Emerald Nightmare.

3 kills in as many nights: feels good man.

Ursoc, The Biggest Bear, dropped once we figured out to sit on his face and tell him we loved him. We dragged him slowly around in a circle, him giving us all a deep, reverberating growling and baiting his thrusts until he collapsed to floor, spent. No sekret skin was found sadly 🙁

Ursoc 4/7H

Next up was Rene… fil? Renfaire? Reneth? Renferal. I’m not even going to try spiderbrain crowfeet’s first name. Through spiders eggs, spiders webs and instant death drops through the cracked floor of Mulgore (flashbacks to vanilla anyone?) and violent wind storms we island hopped until the beast was done. Another notch in our impressive belt.

Ethernrermn Renfaire 5/7H

Last up, and the actual Boss of the zone, Cenarius. Wave upon wave battered against the bulwark of our tanks, his creeping nightmare encroaching and only beaten back by the powers of Malfurion himself. That is, until Cenarius gets sick of his shit and wraps him up in brambles and starts impaling people on his spear.
After an uphill slog and careful positioning, we bought him to heel and the student starts cleansing his previous master.

Cenarius 6/7H

Last for Onineko is the spinning vortex of Ain, where the Nightmare Lord Xavius lives. The lord of nightmare, the lackey of Sargearus, awaits. Into that dream world we dive to face the source of the corruption.