Heroic Hellfire Citadel Complete. 13/13H.

Archimonde is dead.
The Burning Legion tried to bring ruin to Draenor – again – and almost succeeded. Gul’dan and his Shadow Council worked across the alternate timeline? dimension? universe? Draenor to bring about the ruin that was denied to them on Azeroth.

We have ruined the Dark Portal II, stopped the advance of the Burning Legion and Gul’dan has been banished to the Twisting Nether. Alt Draenor is safe, and we prepare to go home, and forget this whole this ever happened.

Archimonde himself put a tremendous fight, calling down Infernals, Doombringers, Overfiends and wielding the power of raw Fel itself against us. We dodged, we weaved, we ducked, dipped, dived and dodged all his powers and minions to bring him crashing down to the ground.

All that he had was not enough to shatter the Onineko bonds of friendship, camaraderie and Sonuku being exceptionally drunk. Kupps KuppyKups bought in the big win on time and under budget. Raises and bonuses for everyone!

We’ve grown recently, many new shining faces filling in our ranks as we push the harder and harder content and I would just like to say a good and proper welcome. More people is always betterer and it will make the landing of Legion epic.
Congratulations team, we did it!

Stay tuned for further Onineko news!

Group Configuration


  • Peggysui
  • Kupp


  • Nikui
  • Pharo
  • Starspriest
  • Shacarius
  • Angryhealzz


  • Ctwin
  • Stðrmshðt
  • Kazgren
  • Malkwyn
  • Kagrah
  • Metamoophose
  • Sleepypanda
  • Pokkii
  • Sonuku
  • Yogoth
  • Anghelz
  • Aurelianus
  • Ephinsaveme
  • Dakirokos